Welcome and Posting Schedule!

Thankyou for deciding to follow my blog, especially from the array of blogs to choose from. I am honoured that you have been recommended or perhaps even stumbled across mine. Below is a table of my regular posting schedule where something will be posted every week.

Save the date for the official launch begins:


*** 10 JANUARY 2016***

In case you weren't aware I also have a youtube channel where I will be uploading corresponding content alongside this blog. I also have a Facebook page where I will be notifying you when my posts are up. As I would love to give you the power to be more involved, visit my blog to vote for what you would like to see me post an in-depth review about on the second week of the month. But be quick as the voting poll is only open within 48 hours of the previous '5 minute madness' video.

My Regular Posting Schedule (Every Sunday of the Month)

  • 1st - "5 MINUTE MADNESS" (Reviewing 5 things from beauty, entertainment, quotes, locations etc.)
  • 2nd - In depth review of 1/5 things spoken about in previous 5 min madness voted by YOU! (To vote head over to my blog within 48 hours after the previous 5 min madness video is posted.)
  • 3rd - "MY LIFE, MY EXPERIENCE" (Get to know me through my life stories and experiences. Including all things good, bad and ugly.)
  • 4th - "MONTHLY MUSIC"  Playlist based on monthly music. (Performance/ Review of either 1 musician, album, EP, digital artist etc.)