Walk The Moon Favourite's Playlist + COVER // Monthly Music

As this post goes up I will currently be on the mosh pit floor after hours of waiting in the heat to get a close spot at Walk the Moon's Sydney show. I'm sure I will be suffering from post concert depression from attending the band's concert tonight so pictures of the concert will come. Head to my Instagram where you will be updated with my pics from the night.

For now check out my Walk the Moon Favourites Playlist:

  1. Shut Up and Dance - Great dance anthem. As clearly seen in the title.
  2. Avalanche - Very interestingly composed, because the instruments sound as if you know where the song is going. However, the vocals jump taking you to notes you thought weren't going to make sense. 
  3. Up 2 U - I honestly didn't warm up to this song immediately. But I love the chorus build up and surprise. 
  4. Different Colours - A lot more deep and meaningful than their disco feeling dance songs. With the lyrics celebrating friendship and life.
  5. We Are the Kids - About having impossible dreams with a great motivational repeating manta in the chorus. 
  6. Work this Body - A great gym session motivational track.
  7. Tightrope - Similar to Work this Body. This also contains a great beat to include in your gym session playlist, perfect for when you want to go for a run! 
  8. Shiver, Shiver - Perfect concert performance song! Has an anthem structure to it that makes you want to sing and dance along.
  9. Quesadilla - The song you play when you want someone back.
  10. Iscariot - The song you play when you're feeling broken and want to have a good cry.
  11. Lions - A great little hidden instrumental track.
  12. Anna Sun - To bring things back up and leave you in high spirits. This is the first song that I EVER heard that makes me want to jump up and down. (And I hope that you will too).

Don't forget to check out the live acoustic cover I did below and let me know what you think!