Filipino Bred, Australian Raised

In light of the upcoming Australia Day celebrations I wanted to do a post in regards to the country that I call home.

Living in an isolated country surrounded by water. My parent's always made sure that my siblings and I were ready to save them in the event of a flood or something a rather. With the hopes that we would not only save ourselves, but them as well. (Great plan mum!)

My local swimming pool

Port Stephens Holiday

But after vigorous swimming lessons and countless afternoons spent at the pools. It actually worked out great in my favour. I'm not sure whether it's due to the fact that I am a summer baby or all those countless swimming laps got to me. But I love the water and grew to love it as a kid too.

Jamberoo Theme Park

Every summer I still make the continuous effort to go to a beach, a water park, or a swimming pool at least once a year, (and if I'm lucky, all three) as well as try to discover a new one too.

Queensland Beaches

Thirroul Beach

So I guess thats one trait that I've loved from growing up in Australia. The countless number of crystal blue beaches yet to discover, and the ability to dip my feet into almost anything that has a pool of water. Plus it's a great way to cool down during the 35+ degree Summer/Christmas holidays.

Christmas 2004

 Now being of Filipino ethnicity I am lucky to understand 2 languages. Though, my household language is tagalog, it is more so spoken by my parents and grandmother rather than by my siblings and I. (Occasionally struggle with quickly spoken slang.) But hey, at least I won't be able to be ripped off when shopping :P (That's a BONUS - So I'll take what I can get :))

Getting henna's in Boracay

It's an incredible asset to have. The ability to understand another language. I encourage you to learn one too! So if you are in contact with someone on an everyday basis and they have the ability to speak another language. LEARN THE LANGUAGE!

The younger, the better, for as you grow older you will be very appreciative of your skill. Not only will it be highly valued when applying for jobs but it's also great when you travel too.

Boracay Beach

As if this post isn't enough for you, Please check out my related youtube video and leave me a comment letting me now what country you're from and something that represents your connection with that country