My Summer TV Binge Recommendations

Now during the summer holidays I am absolutely addicted to enjoying rerun marathons with a bag of popcorn and a glass of ice tea.

The TV shows I have listed are specifically ones that have already ended as it is my preference during the summer period (with the exception of 2 I've mentioned). All varying in themes from tearjerkers, thrillers and fantasy to questioning your morality, with equal parts of laughter too.

Now grab your snack of choice and a drink and enjoy! You can thank me later. :)

1. Doctor Who

While this series is still ongoing, shown through it's 50+ years of history. I ultimately hope that it NEVER ends! You don't necessarily need to watch one after the other. So be swept off to different places, times, worlds, galaxies and endless more possibilities with a "mad man in a box". I recommend viewing Season 3, Ep 10 "Blink" (of 2005 rebooted series) in order to get a taste of the show's premise. 

2. Dollhouse

Created by the man himself Joss Whedon who is most well known today for the Marvel films. As well as creating TV show legends such as Buffy and Firefly (also one of my favourites) This show is quite a hidden gem. Targeting hard hitting ethical questions. Do we have a soul? How can we manipulate it? What are the repercussions of tampering with it, if we do?

3. How I Met Your Mother

Many people refer to Friends as their favourite friendship comedy show, mine however is HIMYM. Many start watching Friends and then jumping to HIMYM. I actually did the opposite and find HIMYM to be more funnier. Perhaps because it was created during my era. Though brace yourself for the finale as there was quite the internet discussion from loyal fans in regards to the ending. But I did really loved the moral behind the show as well as the ending, displaying how "persistance pays off".

4. Dance Academy

Before you pass this show off as just another Children's show. This is possibly one of my favourites and most truly relatable as I was of a similar age when watching the series. Having big aspirational dreams and realising that life is not as simple as your innocent mind conjures it up to be. The show explores, inner strength, friendship, hardship, parental fallouts and is mostly a great storytelling of listening to your instincts.

5. Broadchurch

I always love a good detective show and this definitely doesn't disappoint. Told from the point of view of a small town and its occupants as a young boy is found dead. Each episode sheds light on each town character. Now while this particular TV show is also not yet finished. Just watching the first season to reveal the killer will make you want to find out more about the people living in this town.

6. Merlin

I am a huge Ancient History Buff, so Arthurian Legends are also right up my ally. This is definitely a lot more light hearted and family friendly, (though there are some instances that are sure to startle you). There may be fantasy and magic involved, as well as kings and princesses. However, the premise of the show explains how our calling in life doesn't necessarily mean we get the spotlight.

7. Glee

Being an avid lover of music I jumped straight into this TV show as soon as it aired and I remember being so in love with it! Still am to this day! With the premise that no dream is too small and that hard work will pay off and most importantly that high school isn't the be all and end all. It is however, important to soak up every bit of life and sometimes breaking out into a song helps too. Plus who doesn't love voting for an underdog.

8. Hamish & Andy's Gap Year

Take your pick. North America, Europe, Asia, South America? If you're thinking of taking your own gap year or missed out on your own. It is NEVER too late. Let Australian comedians Hamish Blake and Andy Lee show you all that is offered from the world. It is guaranteed to make you laugh and experience Australian humor. My favourite segments are Dream Achieved and Cultural Eating (all in all, the challenges just always make me laugh)

Let me know in the comments which one you decided to check out and what you think of it too.

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