Adam Barnes Favourite's Playlist // Monthly Music

If you can't find a good playlist for your broken heart, Especially from the words of a male THIS is what you listen to! Delving into his latest EP - 'One Day We'll Be Fine'. 

I have fallen in love with his music again.  <3 <3 <3

Sometimes, you just need to listen to a calm and soothing voice, that isn't screaming in your ear.

Though, I was hoping for more variations in sounds similar to his other releases, I am happy to be listening to his newly released music that is still acoustically and vocally beautiful!

  1. Darling -Whoever the girl is that harmonised with him is absolutely AMAZING! See if you can spot her throughout my playlist!
  2. Old Shoes - The first song that I heard and absolutely fell in love with! It's pretty and makes you look forward to the rest of your day, giving you that extra step in your walk. 
  3. Come Undone - So beautifully stripped back, listening to it makes you feel like it was recording live in a bar, and would want to join clapping along with the song.
  4. She Will Stay Beneath the Moon - One of the more consistently up beat songs that is both uplifting and heartbreaking, once you really listen to the lyrics.
  5. If I Was A Lonely Man - The song that you give to someone, to let them know it's okay to let go of you.
  6. We Can Only Sleep - The lyrical dialogue is so simple, through the frequent repetition of lyrics,leaves the lyrics lingering in your head.
  7. Mannequins - The duets in the chorus accentuates the harmony between the vocalists. Despite its soft nature, the underlying run of the piano parallels the retelling of the road trip adventures with a group of friends.
  8. Music Box - I just love short little instrumental jems like this! 
  9. Howling - This song really builds in dynamics, instrumentation and emotion ending on a high BUT still manages to keep you on the edge.
  10. Green - Strings, piano, an acoustic guitar with hauntingly beautiful harmonies, this is my go to heart-wrenching ballad!
  11. Virginia - That consistent drum kick and mix of the electronic guitar gives it some edge, differing from what you would expect from his music, without losing that delicate sound of his voice.

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