Christina Grimmie Favourites Playlist // Monthly Music

This week's music post is such a huge throwback for me. Before I started this blog I was a music covering enthusiast on youtube but those videos are now long gone. Being inspired by this musical artist was one of the reasons I started to post my music on the youtube platform to begin with. So when I heard one of her songs while shopping I delved into my music library to re-listen to her stuff.

I am also absolutely in love with one of her first EP's 'Find Me' which unfortunately isn't on Spotify but I'm sure you'll be able to find it on Youtube. Have a listen to Find Me (Especially her stripped back version), Liar Liar, and Ugly.

Leave me comment down below about your favourites and ENJOY!

  1. Absolutely Final Goodbye - The sass in this song is truly real!
  2. Get Yourself Together - This is the song you play when you need motivation to move on.
  3. Tell My Mama - Watch the music video ----> HERE
  4. The One I Crave - This song has a great upbeat bop, jazz, 50's feel. You don't get to hear a lot of different songs like this, it is so different from today's standard music and her voice is made for this type of style. I wish she brought out more songs with this style.
  5. Must Be Love - Quite a  different sounding song as I'm not a huge electronic sounding fan. But I have to admit this is catchy!
  6. Anybody's You - I have always loved and have been drawn to soft ballad and this an interesting one with it's variety of electronic sounds. It also makes you weary of, that special someone who could be right next to you.
  7. Deception - A great ballad song just after your break up, strong vocals, simple repeating piano sequence and lyrics that makes it more catchy.
  8. Think of You - This is one of my rare leave me on the bathroom floor to cry songs, it also got such pretty harmonies too.
  9. I Bet You Don't Curse God - Knowing how strong Christina's faith is, this song is such a truly raw lyrically beautiful song about that mental state you are in when things are at the lowest point,when things crumble and you don't know who to turn to.
  10. With Love - Such a beautiful powerful piano ballad. Exactly up the ally of Christina's cover's that you would be familiar with on youtube.
  11. Feeling' Good -The song for when you are having a good day, that gives you a jump in your step.
  12. My Anthem - Such a cutie boppy, ukulele song that I feel is personally dedicated as a thank youto her Youtube Frands! :)

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