Light Up the Dark - Gabrielle Aplin // Monthly Music

Anyone who knows me, knows that Gabrielle Aplin is my favourite musical artist. I've also had the pleasure of meeting her and watching the intimate shows on more than one occasion. ***insert fangirl moment*** Her newest album has been on repeat over the last month, and I really can't wait to see her live show, come to Australia. ENJOY the album playlist and let me know in the comments which song is your favourite.

  1. Light Up the Dark - Opens up the whole album with a more classic rock chic vibe. However, then her voice brings strips it back and adds that delicateness, you are familiar withy.
  2. Skeleton - Beautiful vocal delicacy with a powerful beat that parallels that feeling of not mattering.
  3. Fools Love - Those extensions in the last word of each song, really drags on and bring home the 'Fools Love' message.
  4. Slip Away - Such a great song that builds in dynamics and layers that parallels the heightening of emotions in loss and heartache.
  5. Sweet Nothing - Easily the most up beat anthem song of the album. Making you want to dance along. It is quite a departure for her usual acoustic songs.
  6. Heavy Heart - The song of the voice inside your head that tells the story to others of what's really going on.
  7. Shallow Love - I love the song's acoustic elements that bring me back to her first album. The song is portrayed through the story a conversation convincing someone to tell you go.
  8. Anybody Out There - Want a song that parallels feeling lost and seeking someone to listen to you. Play this song!
  9. Hurt - The song you listen to after, a long heart breakup. That puts no blame on anyone. But just makes you evaluate.
  10. Together - Pub Song 1! Great percussion that makes you want to join in.
  11. What Did You Do? - Pub Song 2! That has the title frequently repeated throughout that allows you to easily join along
  12. A While - I heard this song in it's earliest formation with just an acoustic song and her voice.While I do prefer acoustic versions. The piano and especially the strings gives it more a full sound that will give chills running down your spine.