Lauren Aquilina Playlist + COVER // Monthly Music

When Lauren Aquilina announced that she was no longer going to be pursuing music at the start of this month my heart sank a little bit. So I thought I would come out of hibernation and do a cover of one of my fave songs. One of the first songs that I ever heard from her.


  1. Midnight Mouths - Some people just don't have any filters when they are in pain. Remember that people have feelings to and being used will always end badly for everyone.
  2. Wicked Game - Trying to navigate relationships is always difficult, especially when you don't know what you're getting yourself into. My favourite line "he said he didn't do commitment, with tattoos on his skin, maybe I wasn't worth the pain".
  3. Kicks - Sometime there are just really mean people that have no concern for the feelings of other people. Sometimes you need a reality check. This is for you!
  4. How Would You Like It - For those people who think people are disposable, take a step back and think about the consequences and the impact you have on others.
  5. Way Too Good - A song for us millennials. Kick back and enjoy this song about being content with the circumstance that you are in the present moment. Take it in because it is going to be gone before you know it.
  6. Hurt Any Less - Caring for someone hurts, but it doesn't mean that the feelings that we had about that person weren't real. It's better to acknowledge them, then dismiss them completely.
  7. Fools - I heard this song a while back and I came back to it this year because it had helped me go through a difficult time. Admitting feeling aren't always easy, and when you do it's scary to put them on the line and risk getting hurt.
  8. Suddenly Strangers - I'm at that age where I look around and think the people that I always used to know and confide are no longer around. People have changed and I suddenly realise that they are there is nothing wrong about it. It's just a scary reality about growing up.
  9. Thinking About - Sometimes someone is so important that they consume all our thoughts. One of my favourite soft ballads. My favourite line which encompasses the whole song "all I'm thinking about, is not thinking about you".
  10. Ocean - Begins as quite a calming song, before you release it builds to a crashing wave of ambient themes, beautiful harmonies and quick drums.