Let's Hurt Tonight by OneRepublic (Cover) // Monthly Music December

There has been sooo much amazing music that has come out this year, that I wanted to end on a happy note while also pushing boundaries and getting out of my comfort zone. This solo cover, was a very big step for me and a song that I have recently been loving. I am such a huge fan of OneRepublic and their latest song 'Let's Hurt Tonight' (also featured in the the upcoming film Collateral Beauty - which I am so excited to see)!

A song that is about people willing to compromise and go through situations even when they know it's not going to turn out 100% or when we know that it's going to hurt us down the track. Sometimes it's worth it for those tiny moments of happiness.

Let me know in the comments what your favourite musical release has been this year and what you think of my first solo cover.