A Years Reflection and Change

I can’t believe believe that it has officially been a year since I first started my blog. I have had a great time being able to talk online with some amazing creators as well has have the chance to meet them in person, establish connections with some incredible organisations and attend my first blogger event. I hope this year I will have the ability to do all those and even more. But I would also like to thank you, for your support and your interest in what I say. 

So I thought that I would like to let you know that my content is going to change a little bit and be tailored not only to what I like - but also to what you would like to read, listen and watch. I am still going to abide by my Sunday 8pm Sydney Time schedule but occasionally I will also post on Wednesdays (YAY! - 'hint hint: new post will be up on 18/01 at 8pm') letting you in about the week that I’ve had, my thoughts and even products or tips that I'm too excited to talk about and don't have the patience to wait for until the end of the month. 

On top of this, I’ll also be changing a bit of scheduling in terms what will come out on Sundays.

First Sunday - based on previous month favourites (5 Minute Madness)

Second Sunday - Blog post based on winning topic from previous 5MM video

Third Sunday - ANYTHING!

Fourth Sunday - (Monthly Music)


Don't forget to let me know in the comments what you think of the new blog revamp. Do you like the new minimalist style?


So here’s to an AMAZING 2017!


Many thanks,