2017 Goals

Coming up to halfway through the first month of 2017 people tend of always drop off their new years goals. Over the past couple of years, I've always created small goals that were quite easy to achieve but this year I've decided to challenge myself a bit.

  1. Post more covers - Post at least 1 musical cover every month in conjunction with my monthly music segment. (So I hope you guys look froward to hearing my voice more often)
  2. Go hiking - Despite my spontaneous run in with hiking last year (Watch my vlogmas here to find out). I really did enjoy the peace and quite and it paid off with multiple scenic views as well . I would like to discover new places and go out more often as I’ve always enjoyed walking rather than running as my form of exercise. (For there is only so many times that you can walk laps around your local area before getting bored of the same exact path.)
  3. Complete my degree - Coming into my final year of university. I'm eager to travel more, to head out into the workforce and just be an adult. (What a strange thing to want - for someone who still isn't entirely sure of what they want to do, because they want to do everything.) Here's to hoping that I'll at least get through this year and pass all my subjects needed to qualify for my degree. 
  4.  Reach 1K on my Instagram account - Follow me @simplesocialsister (shameless plug) While numbers aren’t everything, small goals are something I like to set. For I've now established a layout that I am always quite happy with and works for me and my content. (Fingers crossed I can achieve this by the end of the year).
  5. Go on a road trip - (Probably something to plan for the end of year celebrations) But I would love to go on a proper road trip. Pack my bags and just go driving somewhere, ANYWHERE! My friends and I have always said that we were going to do it. So what better time than this year to ACTUALLY do it!
  6. Finally get that tattoo - I've been planning and postponing this for a while. What started off as a small obsession has grown into something of an addiction and I think I've Instagram stalked the right tattoo artist for the job. (Here's hoping that in June/July) I can for sure tick this one of my list.


What are some of your 2017 Goals? Have you followed through with any of them so far? Or have you had to tweak them? What are you doing to acheieve your new year goal?