Content Creators You'll Want to Keep An Eye On In 2017

Everyday somebody decides to pick up a camera, to start a blog, shoot a youtube video or sometimes just decide that they have an opinion that they want to start sharing with people away from their close circle of friends. (For me - it was all of the above.) 

But what people fail to notice sometimes is actually how hard it is to keep up and and to fully commit to a project. Where countless time and money is poured into researching, purchasing and editing products and information to do what we love doing right. People forget to see the behind the scenes and neglect to notice the hard work and often external help that is brought along to create some awesome projects.

So I love discovering upcoming content creators whether it be through a love of music, books, movies or beauty. So I wanted to shed so light on some upcoming creators that I discovered in 2016 and I think will be even better in 2017!


TheOnlyOnes by Natalie Stubbs - A UK beauty, fashion, lifestyle (+ more) blogger and vlogger who has an incredible minimal style. I always feel so calm whenever I watch her videos and they are so beautifully edited.

The Pastels by Clara, Anabelle & Chanel- An Aussie multicultural trio of beauty gurus who create some incredible makeup looks and style tips. (They are also definitely not afraid to voice their opinion about the Australian beauty market.)

The Life of Laura by Laura - Despite starting her blog not too long ago, this girl is really beginning to climb up. A beauty blogger who takes incredible photos and is always on the hunt to promote and discover new Aussie beauty products. (Make sure you check out her instagram as well! She's got some great shots!)


graphic design / diy

CharlieMarieTV by Charli - An incredible graphic designer and DIY creator on youtube who like very few, decides not to make money on youtube but instead through the products she creates. So make sure you check out her store called Liner Note Kids, she has some amazingly designed shirts and is very passionate about what she does!

Kotryna Bass by Kotryna - A blog designer + lifestyle blogger herself. If you want simple and clean cut designs, or quick and easy tips to make your blog that little bit better. Look no further, I have gained some incredible tips from this content creator and she is very talented!



Movies I Love (and so can You) by Josh - The very first video I watched was about 500 Days of Summer, I enjoyed the movie but never completely understood the hype of it's amazement until after I was amazed by Josh's dissection of the film. His video helped me understand the film so that I could appreciate it (more than I already did), and I am constantly amazed by how carefully he interprets a film.

Cinema Wins - With the success of Cinemasins, a channel that pokes at the flaws created in films. It's great to see a channel that embraces the good and enlightens viewers on the hard work of creators, even when sometimes the media and those around us tell us otherwise. (Make sure you check out the Suicide Squad video.)

Peruse Project by Regan - Just before the year ended I went through a phase of looking for book reviewers and the very first video I watched was 'Top 10 YA Cliches I Hate' and I could complete relate. So if you're looking for a new novel to read, whether that be through a a war time novel to a YA novel, make sure sure you check out her channel for recommendations.



Jeffrey Chan - I'm sure this name will not at all sound unfamiliar to you. Jeffrey is a very close friend of mine who is very persistent and passionate about music, with the release of his debut album in 2016, there is more to come in 2017! So make sure you check out his work. 

Kelly English - To be honest I discovered this Youtube musician a while back and completely forgot, until she resurfaced with a succession of videos in 2016. She has still got such an incredible angelic voice that is AMAZING! (If you're a fan of simple acoustic covers with great harmonies, then look no further.) 


Leave me a comment about which creator you are most excited to check out. Or leave me a comment about some of your favourite content creators <3