Thoughts from a soon to be graduate...

I finish my degree within an month an I have no idea what I want to do?

(Well isn't that the existential millennial question of the century!)


I have undergone 3 internships this year (YES a lot - currently still completing my third) and what I have taken away is that everyone I've spoken to, (with the exception of a select few) seem to be just as directionless as I am. Everyone seems to have other motivations like broad interests in their industry, just needing a job to pay rent or wanting to travel to another country to work. 

I remember back to my first ever job. I worked as a front desk receptionist at my mum's work. While I didn't seem keen on the idea of working in the office. I was just excited to finally be able to earn my own money for a change. After 3 months, I couldn't take it anymore and vowed from that day that I wouldn't again work in a standardised 9 - 5 office again. (That was over 4 years ago) I'm happy to report that I've held a string of casual and part-time jobs that fall under that vow.

But this past year has been a tough one, as I see this vow slowly slipping away from me as I fall into the traps of adulthood.  Every internship I have worked at, is exactly that, an office job! Yes, the environment is completely different (and trust me that's impacts the atmosphere of where I have worked a whole lost and have enjoyed it wayyyy more than my first job)


So I guess the question that I pose to you, to the universe, how does one find a balance of what they aspire to do with their life, but at the same time prioritise everyday struggles that life has to offer?