Gabrielle Aplin EP Faves // Monthly Music

I'm not a huge fan of change. I think it's safe to say that most people aren't. So when your fave artist decides to change up the style that you love. You can either move on and find another artist or put up with it and give it a listen. It's safe to say that I often go for the latter (cough cough - with the exception of Taylor Swift)


If you know me quite well, you understand my love with acoustic music. I'm a huge fan of singer-songwriter music. Chuck in an acoustic guitar, pretty harmonies and lyrics that I can really relate to and I am sold!

Gabrielle Aplin is one of my fave artists of my adult life. I've even written a post about her previous album that you can read here. In this month's faves I've combined her two latest EP releases 'Miss You' and 'Avalon'. She has definitely gone more experimental folky pop with these latest releases. While I'm still in love with her acoustic singer-songriter sound (that I'm hoping will come back around for her next album) Aplin still manages to maintain her hauntingly beautiful vocal ability in 'Stay' and lyrical ability in 'Say Nothing'.

Let me know in the comments what you think about your fave artists changing up their genres and what you have been listening to this past month