Tips to one up the way you use dry shampoo

Juggling a full time university schedule, a casual job, 2 internships, family life, a 'social life' (psst - whatever that is!) oh and lets of course not forget, blogging. How does one even find the time to jam pack hair maintenance?


Growing up I was always taught to wash my hair everyday, mind you I also had the long straight dark brown flat hair that could reach my stomach. (I was adamant on growing it as long as I could!) Needless to say, I've chopped off the lot and now refuse to grow it past my shoulders and I couldn't be happier! (So there is hope for all of you who refuse the chop!)

1. Trial lots of different brands to find the one that fits you!


Before you completely write off dry shampoo forever. Remember that what I recommend for you, may or may not work (But of course we hope for the later) We all have different hair needs and they also change as the seasons come and go. But generally, I have thick flat shiny hair. Sometimes stronger dry shampoos like Batiste and CoLab Sheer & Invisible Dry Shampoo work for me and other times I prefer lighter dry shampoos like L'oreal Paris Elvive Fibralogy Air Dry ShampooSoap and Glory Dry Shampoo or Percy and Reed Dry Shampoo

3. apply it before going to sleep

People often forget that dry shampoo is suppose to sit in your hair for at least 5-10 minutes before ruffling into your hair and distributing the product. Not only does this give the product time to soak up excess oils but it also cuts your shower time. Giving you the opportunity to plan out your hair for the following day. (Just remember the longer you leave it in your hair the better it will look.)

2. spray underneath layered sections of your hair


In the same way that you section off your hair when curling or straightening it. Don't forget that oil not only builds up on the top of your hair but also in the layers underneath too! (Which is where the problem lies for me). So section off your hair and spray the product in layers working your way up.

4. shake the bottle distributing the areas you spray on, don't concentrate it on specific areas!

I've noticed that depending on the brand the spray nozzle has quite a strong product release, so like you would a facial spray. Apply the dry shampoo distributing the product in a mist like motion.

If you want more information on dry shampoo and finding the best one for you. Check out The team has researched and tested over 30 formulas and even with experienced beauty experts.


Let me know in the comments if you use any of these tricks or if you have some tips of your own.