Family Centered TV Shows You Need To Watch

I'm such a huge sucker for TV show's as many of you know, especially if a tv show can pull on your heart strings. So I've come up with a list of TV show's you have to watch that will do just that!


1. Jane The Virgin - Yes! Finally a TV show that celebrates diversity! I have stated how this show can get a bit cringey sometimes but that is definitely part of its charm! Jane, a virgin accidentally gets artificially inseminated after a regular trip to the doctors goes wrong and we follow her journey and her decisions to that accident. Jane is a character that I think all women should aspire to, while I don’t agree with all her love choices. She’s a person who truly values family (a trait that I too truly value) and is person who has had to make a lot of tough decisions and juggle a million things.

2. This Is Us - I actually remember watching this trailer and thinking how funny it was, the concept wasn't anything new but I’m a sucker for television centered on family and it had a great cast to begin with. By the end of the pilot episode I was sooooo shocked, cried, laughed (basically I felt a whole whirlwind of emotions) and I could not stop watching. I still think it’s one of the greatest shows today.

3. Andi Mack - As a teen I grew up loving the TV show Lizzie McGuire, especially with her teen bop personality and relatability. As I grew up it was one of the only shoes that made me jump from bed at 6:30 in the morning to watch it on TV. (Trust me for little adolescent Rochelle that was quite a hard thing to do). From the creators of my fave TV show growing up as a kid, Disney brings Andi Mack. The type of TV show I wished was available when I was a teen. First of all the lead is Asian (there’s not enough Asian representation on television) and OMG it really is all about how dysfunctional a family can get. It's hard to talk about this without giving away the big reveal, but really all I can say is that it's not something you would expect from Disney.

4. Good Luck Charlie - Yes, another Disney TV show but it’s sooo good! This show is more sitcom based and is all about the premise of a big sister creating videos for the new born baby in the family, on how to survive their crazy family. (Fun fact- did you know Good Luck Charlie was the first show where Disney screened a gay couple! What a great milestone!)

5. Red Band Society - I think I have a knack for things that aren’t complete. For this is another TV show in my long list of 1 seasoners. (So it won’t be too hard to get through this one) Like This is Us I think this is quite a tearjerker, but still has a lot of heart and laughable moments. Set in a hospital and centred around 6 kids who are going through their own personal battles. Another show with a great cast, soooo much potential and an annoying cliffhanger (so looks like I’ll have to resort to Fan fiction) 

Let me know in the comments your fave family centred TV Shows and which shows I've suggested you are keen to check out!