Music Festival Guidebook - MTV Beats and Eats Festival

With the summer coming closer, and peak music festival season arriving I thought I'd share with you some of my music festival tips for any of you headed to any upcoming festivals or concerts this coming summer. 

(Take it from someone who goes to a lot of concerts and just went to the MTV Beats and Eats Festival... literally, yesterday!)




When it comes to all day festivals, packing as little as possible is always the best way to go. Especially with the ramp up of extra security measures for events, you want the screening possible to as quick and simple for you and the those working at the event. (Plus it will get you through the gates a lot quicker!) So if you can go without a bag that's a huge plus but if not a small satchel bag is perfect! Hand sanitiser is a HUGE must for me! Especially as you will be walking around and most probably using portaloos. (Not fun!) Sun safety is also a MUST here in Australia so sunnies and a lippie with an SPF is a big recommend from me. I can't live without my inhaler so that has to go in my little bag along with blotting papers if need be. Then of course my phone to take a lot of great snaps and also has the festival tickets. Along with downsizing my large wallet for much needed essentials such as my ID card, bank card and cash.



When going to a music festival or even a concert. I try to make the most of products that I know will last the whole day/night. So primers like that Smashbox Pore Minimising Primer and Nars Smudge Proof Eyeshadow base are essentials! One mustn't also forget a waterproof mascara, and my current go to is L'oreal Telescopic False Lash Waterproof Mascara I honestly don't really bother with foundation as I know that by the end of the day my face will be a sweat ball and I just it to breath as much as it can. So I just use concealers like that of NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer in Honey and the Mecca Max Life Proof Concealer in Nude. The rest are little touch ups to add some colour so I lines the top of my lashes with a glittery black eyeshadow, slightly flicking it out at the corners and then lining my bottom lashes with some colour with a bright turqouise eyeshadow!


This year MTV's Beats and Eat's Festival was 'space fantasy', so my group of friends and I decided to dress up as unicorns! We kinda went a little insane with the glitter and face stickers but hey what's a good music festival without a little bit (or maybe a lot) of glitter? I just purchased some 3D silver stars from the $2 store and this Mermaid Tears Glitter Gel which we slathered EVERYWHERE! This stuff is incredible and a little went a every long way!




I think the most important thing to remember is that you are comfortable in whatever you wear! For me it's all about loose clothing that you can move around in and have a good time and of course great footwear! My top is this pretty white lace cropped top from Dotti with ruffles and I've also go this thin white lace long sleeve that I dug out from the back of my closet! (Thank gosh I decided not to throw it out!) My bottom are these loose Valleygirl pastel pink pants with stripes and most important are these comfy rivers black ankle gumboots.

in case of a Rainy Day


The past weekend was a tricky one to navigate in terms of weather. (However, we were VERY lucky that the rain did not decide to pour down!) But, it is always better to be prepared. This festival was outdoors, so there was no way I was going to be wearing my trusty converse canvas sneakers as gumboots are a lot easier to clean off. The weather was a little bit chilly so my shorts went back into my closet. (But something to remember for future reference.) It's much easier to get mud off your skin than it is to get off your fave clothes. (So pick something you'll make peace with potentially throwing away!) A zip lock lock bag is essential to put your phone into and plus you can still take great photos through the clear plastic. Ponchos are also quite light to pack and if you're lucky the festival organisers are most certianly prepared for the worst that the weather can bring!

So let me know in the comments if you're headed to a music festival this summer. Or let me know some of your music festival tips.