2018 New Years Goals and Taking a Break

Hope you all had an AMAZING holiday break and have recovered from the long night of New Year’s Eve celebrations. 


A new year can be quite nerve wracking, daunting and down right scary. So I thought I should reflect back on my past years goals before looking ahead for this new year. I'm also happy to report that I achieved most of my goals. 

In 2017:

  • I went on more frequent hikes (can't wait to discover more amazing places this year)
  • I completed my university degree (graduating with a distinction average this April)
  • Reached a milestone of 1k on my Instagram account (thanks sooo much for everyone who's following)
  • Go on a road trip (went on multiple, I might add) 

In 2018:

  • I hope to post more music covers
  • Finally get that tattoo that I said I would get last year (now I actually want 2!)
  • Save up enough money for an abroad trip to around Europe or in NY (still haven't decided)

I also wanted to let you all know that I will be taking the rest of the January off from blogging to get a fresh start on content ideas for the year ahead. But I will still be posting frequently on Instagram so make sure you are keeping updated with my posts by following me on: www.instagram.com/simplesocialsister


See you all in February!


Let me know in the comments are you arranging new year's goals this year, and what are they? Or have your attempts been unsuccessful for the past couple years that you have given up