Wide Brim Hat Lookbook

It's been a while since I've done a lookbook post. So I hope you enjoy my latest obsession with wide brim hats and feel inspired to tailor it to something that matches your wardrobe.

outfit 1 - Pretty without trying

Outfit 1

I've always been in love with a good pair of jeans and the fact that these have some floral embroidery (which is very in right now - as I am seeing it everywhere) gives it a little touch of something different. Especially as I like to roll up bottoms of the ankles to show off the frayed edges. The shirt is one of my fave polkadot tops, that is actually stitched on individually and isn't just flat pressed onto the top so it gives it a 3D type element. I've chosen my favourite teal hat with this outfit as, I think it perfectly gives it a pop of colour and my black leather van slip ons for the everyday comfort.


outfit 2 - the floral bohemian


While on an everyday basis my go to is a nice top and a pair of high waisted skinny jeans. I also like to go a little be dressier. I love a good maxi dress with floral prints and a plain black wide brim hat like this is perfect to add to this boho chic look. I love to mismatch these with some wrap around bracelets and a multi lengthed necklace. This particular day was also shot during the Sydney 40 degree heat wave / rain period so it was a miracle that we had an hour to get some shots. Which also explains my choice of ankle black gumboots. (So make sure you check out my cookbook post on those HERE if you're stuck in rut and figuring out how you can pair them). But on an average day I also like to rock this dress with some brown brogues.

outfit 3 - don't disturb the bookworm


As you can tell I am a fan of statement pieces that take no time at all, and look as if you have put some effort than you actually do. I am in love with this shirt and wear it absolutely whenever I can. It is soooooo comfortable and the extra pop of colour from my teal coloured hat and maroon block heeled shoes gives it that extra pop of colour. (Little tip - I also like to pair loose statement tees like this, with black high waisted skinny jeans, so that I can tuck it in a little bit at the side, to give my waist some shape.)

Let me know in the comments which outfit was your favourite? Or what are some your favourite pieces to pair wide brim hats with?