Diptyque Infused Face Oil Review

Diptyque is known for their amazing luxury candles and fragrances, so when they announced a small line of skincare products I had to give at least one of them a try!

For the longest time I have stayed away from face oils. So when I heard about Diptyque launching a skincare range the Diptyque Infused Face Oil caught my eye along with being described as a 'dry oil'. For one the packaging is amazing, and definitely looks more luxurious than the price gives away. It's in a clear 30mL glass dropper bottle with the signature diptyque simple packaging and design. It smells great, due to the addition of the rose petals inside the face oil and it soaks up into the skin amazingly when applied. It's not at all thick and overly greasy, as I expected. It also targets to smoothen out lines (which I noticed have helped out on my forehead/ which I personally can not vouch for as I don't have many fine lines) and it's ability to reveal the skins natural radiance is true to it's word when applied to my skin. 

I think this may be one of my favourite underrated discoveries as I haven't heard much about it from the blogging scene. This is definitely one that I would recommend you check out if you're looking for something to give your skin that extra boost and you're looking around to try different skincare products. (Especially if you're got dry skin, like me - this works wonders). Perhaps it's not a must have, but definitely something that you should consider when you want to give your skin an extra glowing boost. For I know I will definitely being check out more of the skincare range as this has now become a must have in my skincare routine.

I personally like to the apply 4 drops on clean hands and gently pat it all over my face. (~TOP TIP~ Sometimes when I want to give my face an extra pep up I'll even add a couple drops into my daily moisturiser or night cream.) 

Let me know in the comments what are your thoughts on face oils? Have you checked out diptyque's skincare range? What are your thoughts, have you tried any of the skincare line?