Oh Deer Sugar Keep Me Scrubbed Up Monthly Review

If you're like me and you're also quite indecisive when it comes to be being overwhelmed with such cool concept products, then subscription boxes are the way to go. Oh Deer Sugar created by Sharni & Nikki is a brand that I have kept my eye on for quite a while. Adelaide born, hand-made, vegan friendly and cruelty free. They stock a variety of non-edible bakery like bath and skincare products. 

I'm a huge fan of scrubs and through their large plethora of scents and formulas there were far too many to choose from so the introduction of these Keep Me Scrubbed Up Monthly subscription boxes were perfect for me to dip my toes into the large Oh Deer Sugar pool. However, if you're more of a bath connoisseur and would like to try a little bit of everything, make sure you check out their Bakehouse Secrets Box Subscription Box.

So what's in the January 'Keep Me Scrubbed Up Monthly' subscription box?

  • (Oh) Exfoliator Strawberry and Coconut Body Scrub - I'm not a fan of coconut, but there is a strong strawberry scent that over powers it which I am more a fan of. The scrub is not too rough on my dry sensitive skin and while you do get a 1/3 from the standard size. I think the box as a whole is the perfect way to sample out a couple products for the fraction of the price. 
  • Crazy Cat Lady Donut - If crumbles aren't your thing, maybe donuts like the cat lady scrub is something for you. I didn't think I would like the cupcake scent as I am more of a citrus and fruits kinda gal, but really like it! It didn't fall apart in my hands as I have come to expect from most scrubs which I adore, plus that also means I will be able to get more use out the product. (Tip - To prevent scrubs like these for disappearing after one use, don't use directly in water or under the running shower, get ) BTW...This was a limited edition product, so grab it while you can but I know they have some more amazing scrubs that they change and add to their range quite frequently!

What else I enjoyed? I love when brands personally give time to say thanks to those who buy they products. I love their little hand written notes and I love how humble they are in ensuring their customers enjoy their products.

What I would love to see improved? While I am a huge fan. I would really like to see a guide explaining what all the products in the next subscription box. As I was left wondering what I had received and had to do some digging for myself. The drawn on cat face on my donut scrub also didn't last the trip unfortunately but that to be expected due to the soft hand drawn icing. I'm still very pleased with the scrubs and definitely considering ordering another! 


Let me know in the comments if you have tried some Oh Deer Sugar Products before? What are you favourite products? Have you ordered one of their subscription boxes?