Let's Get Photo Organised!

Got a lot of photo's but don't know how to arrange them in your space? I've teamed up with Printiki to give you some idea's about how you can arrange your photographs to fit your space and where to display your photos for a more productive, creative and inspirational space setting.

Printiki* is a service that let's you print your photographs uploaded from a variety of social media accounts like Instagram or Facebook or you can simply upload them directly from you're computer, phone, or tablet. (They also print a variety of different photos sizes in different forms like photo books, posters and more). In the end I completed a combination of all three and found the process to be very quick and easy to navigate. My only problem was deciding which one's to print! 

I first like laying out all the photographs that I have printed out and then choose which spaces I can best utilise. So let's get started!

feature wall

At home my bedroom is my safe haven and when you walk in the first thing you notice is my aqua coloured feature wall. So I like to arrange my photographs in a 3x2 sections with quote print outs in between. These are a combination of all my various polaroid sizes and Printiki prints. I have set this sectioning up so that I can easily expand my collection as I print out more photographs and allows for the every changing photograph format to evolve.

desk inspiration

The next space I like to work on is right above my desk. These are all childhood photos so when I'm having a rough time completing a project that I'm currently working on I can look up and think of better and simpler times. 

These are also my most precious as these original copies are from the analog camera days, so I've got to make sure that I scan these before they begin to fade.

memory boards

This is probably one of my faves as you can make it as customisable as you like in terms of the size and the types of items you'd like to stick things on.

As you can tell I am a fan of continuously adding and changing things around to fit the present moment. I used to keep all my concert tickets on my mirror but eventually my collection grew too big so I eventually decided to get a cork board which became one of my fave pieces. Since I'm a huge music fan I attend a lot of concerts and I like to keep all my tickets (you know - a reminder of that #postconcertdepression) This is also where most of my Printiki prints are pinned.

Now on my mirror I like to put my photo booth strips around the borders as well as any important post it notes as I always tend to have a glance at my mirror right before I head out the door. (It's a little life hack I've learnt - so that I don't forget anything in the morning).

Now if you want to check out some more ideas that you can incorporate into your space check out the Printiki Instagram for more inspirational ideas from other creators. 


Let me know in the comments where you like to post up your photos in your space. Or have you tried out Printiki before, what did you think of their service?


Disclaimer: This post was done in collaboration with Printiki who kindly sent me a voucher to try out their service. Thoughts are still 100% truly my own. For more information check out my disclaimer.