Zen Haircuts 'Bygones' EP Launch // Monthly Music

With no music cover this month, I instead wanted to write about an EP Launch that I attended last night. I think like many upcoming bands today it is too hard to categorise them into one specific genre, there are too many branches and combinations of genres, which is AMAZING if you think about it! It has opened up a whole new world of endless experimental combinations of music.

Zen Haircuts is one of those bands, in their eyes they would describe themselves as a 3 piece penguin punk band from Sydney and on the 25th of March on the Factory Theatre Fusebox Floor Zen Haircuts celebrated their 'Bygones' EP release. If didn't get the chance to celebrate with them, makes sure you check out their music on Spotify (I've even attached a playlist to make it easier for you!) and make sure you check out there Facebook Page for future updates for music shows this year if you find you can't get enough of their music!

Their instrumentation is certainly reminiscent of fun times jamming out and this trio definitely highlighted this during their show and also through the various drums and guitar solo's on their EP.

The addition of vocal woos really makes listeners feel involved in their song and in my eyes if a song makes you want to jump up and down, dance or simply just make you tap your feet then these incredible musicians have definitely done that!

But they have also successful pulled off a great EP Launch show that left everyone attending in a great mood!

Make sure you check out their music and leave them a  '👍🏼' comment and let them know that simplesocialsister sent you! Also what music have you been loving over the past month.