An Open Letter To My 12-Year-Old Self...

Over Easter weekend I thought about how things are very different to how they were when I was a kid. So if I could back and speak to my younger self I would say ...

Photo Courtesy of:  Mark Serrano Photographer

Photo Courtesy of: Mark Serrano Photographer

There's the obvious things like how your fave colour won't always be blue, you'll grow out of your goth phase and how you will discover that there is more to music than what you hear on the radio. 

But also, you don't have to believe all the things that were forced down my throat (cough, cough - religion). But you're grateful and appreciative of the values it has taught you today. Oh and you'll grow out of that mentality that you'll never want to cut your hair that falls all the way down to your butt, because you will be converted into a short haired kinda gal and you won't want to go back!

Don't limit yourself to what people tell you and oh yeah enjoy being a kid, because it will be over before you know it. Adulthood isn't all that fun as you think it will be. Just like how you think you won't need your mum, trust me, you be thankful she's still willing to stay up all night to talk with you. Speaking of sleep, what once was your enemy is now your friend. Soak up all the sleep you can kid, because as you get older, it seems like there isn't enough hours in the day.

Also, guess what! You'll actually wear makeup too! Don't deny it! It was bubbling up under the surface out of all those times you swore you were never going to wear makeup and stick to that simple lip gloss life! Well guess what! You did a 180 and makeup has become your best friend and one of your passions. As for your obsession with lipgloss, you've got an untouched collection in your drawer. So maybe spare you're self those few bucks.


Let me know in the comments some of the changes that you embraced looking back at your 12 year old self.