Hudson Taylor Favourites // Monthly Music

It's been a while since I've discovered an acoustic musician. So Hudson Taylor could not have come at such a great time, so sit back and enjoy the rest of your day as you are serenaded by an Irish folk acoustic duo with beautiful harmonies. 

1. World Without You - A great feel good song and the first song that made me fall in love with their music. Such great harmonies too!

2. Chasing Rubies - My go to song for when I'm walking the city streets, got such a great fast guitar and drum beat, that I think replicates how fast our heart beats and skips when we meet someone who has that effect on us.

3. Just A Thought - My 'you were sooo stupid for putting your heart on the line' song. For the contrast in the fast paced verses and slowed down choruses, is a close resemblance of that in the moment up and down rollercoaster.

4. Wildfires - This my current jam when I'm mad and I want someone to scream/sing at the world with. 

5. Care - To all those times that I've said I told you to friend right after a breakup, this is that song!

6. Battles - This my don't mess with my friends and don't you dare break their heart song!

7. Don't Tell Me - The song reminds of a 'Miss Independent' song. Such an uplifting powerful song for all those haters and it feels like you've got a whole choir behind you as you jam out to this song!

8. Beautiful Mistake - One of my fave artists Gabrielle Aplin is featured in this beautiful song. (see what I did there) Enough said as it automatically = harmony perfection!

9. Don't Know Why - A soft ballad that to me is about enjoying the moment and being there for your friend. This a great closing the bar song, especially when sung with friends.



Let me know in the comments what you have been listening to this month and what you think of this week's monthly music spotlight musician.