Until We All Belong - Jewellery for Change

My belief is that love is love, and everyone should be able to feel comfortable and to love who they want in the home that they live in. So let's make a change and aim towards living in a country where the acceptance of love is shared across all.

Out of all the rings that I own, I think this piece of jewellery has the most meaning to bring about change and start conversation. Australia is still a place where some people don't have the legal capabilities to love who they want. So introducing the #untilweallbelong campaign. By pledging to wear this ring I choose to show my acceptance of marriage equality and realise its importance as an issue in our country today.

Rings have always been a symbol of a never-ending eternal love. The gap in this acceptance ring parallels the gap in marriage equality that we as a country need to close. So I pledge to wear this ring until 'we all belong'.

The ring is designed by Marc Newson and is made with an electroplated matte black finish with a signature 2.2mm gap. Each ring has been carefully crafted and engraved with the inscription 'until we all belong'.

So if you believe in living a country where there should everyone deserves to be share their love equality. Make sure you check out their website to learn more about the campaign - www.untilweallbelong.com or even

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