Tim Halperin Favourites // Monthly Music

Is it just me or has this been the month about weddings. I feel like everywhere I turn everyone is either getting married, engaged or posting throwback wedding pics. Yet here I hame celebrating the single life and being serenaded to wedding style music by Tim Halperin.

So if you're in the works for planning your big day, make sure you take a peek at my playlist this month and ready your pen and papers for some tear jerking songs that will take you on a journey.

1. Forever Starts Today - This was the very first song that I heard that made me want to look into more of Tim Halperin's music. The build up of the finger clicks and the looping of the piano and the subtle string sections really pulls on your heartstrings.

2. Light It Up - Ok, so maybe starting off with a slow tear jerker of a song was not the best way to go. So let's bring your spirits up. To me this song is about taking advantage of all the great things the world has to offer in front of you and is guaranteed to put an extra jump in your step.

3. Memories On The Ground - To me this slow ballad is about realising the importance of those closest to us. Remember to cherish every memory that we have and be willing to compromise in tough situations But to also know the difference between something that is and isn't special.

4. Only Love - I'm a sucker for acoustic riffs, so with the addition of multiple slow layerings of instruments, this song ticks all those boxes perfectly. 

5. White - The epitome of wedding songs right here! 

6. Something Beautiful - The rapid succession of music notes coupled with the subtle strings and guitar riffs creates such a pretty build up to the peak feeling of a happily ever after.

7. Love That Lasts - Speaks to everyone that is chasing for something that is real and certainly the most upbeat within my playlist. Reception music material anyone?

So let me know in the comments what you thought of my playlist this month. What have you been listening too over the past month.