Mizon Water Essence, Metallic Pleated Skirt and Depop // MAY

Well that was quick! Where did the past month go? Nevertheless it's time for one of my fave segments where you get pick out of the 5 things I've spoken about to read about in next weeks in-depth blog post. So remember to VOTE VOTE VOTE!

Choose a segment out of the 5 Minute Madness you want to read about in an in-depth blog post.
Makeup: My Top 5 Mascaras
Skincare: Asian Beauty Haul
Fashion: Pleated Skirt Lookbook
Bath: 3 Must Have Accessories For Your Skincare Routine
App: My Top 5 Tips To Get Rid Of Your Stuff On Depop
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Let me know in the comments which was your fave and what you have been loving over the past month.