HAIM - Something To Tell You Favourites // Monthly Music

Upon hearing of HAIM a couple of years back I never understood why they were all the rage. I had heard one call 'Falling' that I thought sounded great but nothing never fostered beyond that. However, when 'Want You Back' was first released I fell in love with it and I could not be more excited along with many other fans for the release of their sophomore album. A groups of sisters with pretty harmonies, cool guitar riffs and drums beats that make you want to join along, I mean what's not to love?

1. Want You Back - The first song and single released that made me sooo excited for their album release. I also feel so strongly that this song has a call and response aspect that makes you feel like this song is written for you but also feel like you are apart of the song singing supporting vocals.

2. Nothing's Wrong - This song has such cool little guitar riffs and pretty harmonies. What could possibly go wrong (see what I did there!)

3. Little Of Your Love - The piano slide in the beginning really sets ups the song along with the hand claps that make you want to feel like you want to give a little more.

4. Ready For You - The song begins with a quiet whisper that takes you on a journey, telling you the story of a relationship from the timid start all the way to the exciting journey when you decide to dive in whole heartedly!

5. Something To Tell You - The drum patterns in this song really parallels the ups and downs that your heart makes when you're about to tell someone how you feel about them. I think it captures it perfectly!

6. Kept Me Crying - Most sad songs are written as slow ballads. HAIM turns that on it's head with this song and turns a lyrically sad written song into one that gets the crowd to song along that is highly influenced by the sound of claps and guitar solo sections that makes you want to join along as if you were hearing this song in a bar.

7. Found It In Silence - Despite being able to appreciate how we can find the answers in silent moments. This song is anything but that! It's upbeat nature, really motivates you to search for the answers and I think it would be a great hiking/ exploring song.

8. Right Now - The single fragmented piano notes contrasted with the quick vocal melodies really resemble how we often feel when we question how we get into situations when the other person needs us only when it's convenient for them. We are faced with the decision for us to help them out or risk getting hurt. 

Let me know in the comments who you have been listening to this past month. Have you listened to HAIM' s new album? What are your fave songs?