Going into my final semester of my degree

July is a special month because we get an extra week go content! YAY! Well it's been a while since I've given you a life update. So what better time than now? 


WOW! I never thought I would be able to say that! While my university experience has provided me with the comfort blanket of an everyday routine, student discounts and the perils of what it truly means to be a poor uni student with a large HECS debt. I could not be more happy to embrace the world and start work.

This is my very last weekend just before I begin the gruelling run to the finish line and begin to wrap up and soak up as much as I can of my university experience. For I’m still yet to attend my first uni themed party (Shweta - I’m waiting on you girl, because I need a buddy). Get a high distinction for at least one subject (okay - that may be ambitious). But at least maintain my distinction average. 

It’s been an insane week of prep, but I've been rewarded with a quick weekend getaway for my best friends 21st despite already stumbled into multiple hurdles before the semester has even begun and been knocked down multiple times struggling to get up. I’m lucky I’ve got a strong network around me to help me carry the burden of my own weight when the world feels like it’s against me and and wants to crush the plan I have set in motion. But I guess that’s life isn’t it? All I can do is continue to work hard and hope for the best. For I can’t remember who said it. But I like to live by the saying that…the harder I work the luckier I will get!


Let me know in the comments, about your life update. Are you happy where you are now? Are you looking for a change? Are you in between jobs or are you like me? Just about to finish your university degree?