Movies to watch that will move you

Being sick means being stuck at home, not being able to do much. So I've got some movie recommendations that you must check out because I know that flu season is in peak condition. So snuggle up in your bed and pick a flick to watch.



I'm a sucker for a good movie that is all about family. This is one of the newest releases from the movies I've suggested and it's one of my faves. About a genius little girl living with her uncle and trying to navigate between being a goofy little kid and a mathematical genius that everyone wants her to be. I'm surprised no one has spoken about this film, because it is hands down one of faves this year. 

 Meet the Robinsons

For a kid's movie you wouldn't think this would be a tear jerker. But boy, you couldn't be more wrong. This movies explores, friendship but most importantly the search for family and our human nature to find where we fit in. 

A Walk To Remember

This movie made me appreciate the little things and has an AMAZING soundtrack that introduced me to the likes to one of my now fave bands 'Switchfoot'. A movie about young love and how all it takes is one person to change not only our attitude but our perspective on life.

An Education

A movie about wanting to grow up too fast and wanting to get ahead in life. To me this movie was a wake up call to appreciate the little things in life that we take for granted as a kid. I actually focused my last year of high school papers on this film. As there is so many great little lessons that can be dissected from this gem. 

Never Let Me Go

Yes, Carey Mulligan is the lead in now a second movie recommendation. But she is one of my fave actresses. This movie is a little bit more far reaching, dealing with the idea of clones, our humanity and really makes you question life itself. 


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Leave me a comment down below of your fave movies, are they tearjerkers? Are they family oriented or did they make you see life in a different light? Have you seen any of the movies that I mentioned?