New Empire Favourites // Monthly Music


If you've been listening to my playlists for a while now, you will know that every song that I've picked for each playlist I aim to make flow from one song to the next. To either help tell a story or to help illicit an emotion. This month's faves are no exception to that rule. 


New Empire was an Australian indie-pop rock band from Sydney. I actually saw New Empire in concert a couple of years ago and since then they have disbanded. (CRIES!) I also had the privilege of meeting them after after the show, they were sooo nice and  were happy to chat about their music and take a photo after I told them that they were my new 'One Republic' and were quite complimented by the feedback. (it's probably why they were nice - just kidding).

Despite discontinuing to make new music, I recently dug up their music and was reminded by just how AMAZING they are. I've hit a slump recently but I also thinks due to the fact that my last semester os university is starting to consume me entirely. They are sooo many things to think about and problems to fix. Sometimes all I need is good motivational music to keep me going! New Empire has done that for me this, whether it's for my get ready in the morning playlist or walking to my classes. Enjoy the well rounded playlist!



Let me know in the comments what you think of this month's playlist? Who have you been listening to over the past month.