The How To's of Colour Correcting

Let me begin by prefacing that I am not an officially trained makeup artist. This product and routine works for me. So I encourage you to give it a try and adapt your own techniques to see if it works for you too! But colour correcting has been around for a while now and my discovery of it has officially changed the way that I apply makeup everyday.

So I currently use correctors because my skin is going through a rough patch at the moment (Yes, weather I blame you!) It honestly takes about 2 mins for the whole process and make my skin look soooo great that it has became part of my current everyday makeup routine. 


I use the Rimmel Insta Conceal and Correct Palette* for colour correcting. It contains 3 colour correctors (which is really all you need - especially for beginners) and I like how there is a see through compartment so that you can see the colours included. It is also labelled on the top of the packaging exactly what each colour is used for. (How easy peasy is that!) I'm also a fan of the small packaging and how there is a mirror on the inner lid which really helps when you want a close up on a specific area. 



Because I'm usually cut short for time in the mornings (who isn't!) the way I apply corrector is with my clean fingers. I also thinks it helps to warm up the product before as it does have a creamy mousse like formula, and you want to do all that you can to make sure that it melts into your skin. So I use my middle finger to pat it into specific areas.


dark circles

As I have gotten older, the nights are getting longer and my morning calls times are getting early. So it is essentially important for me to ensure that I don't look like I've pulled an all-nighter (Fun fact: I never have btw!) So I take the peach shade and trace an upside down triangle under my eyes and blend it out. This cancels out the blue tones and brightens under the eyes.


The past winter was not very kind to me and I'm still trying to shake of a blocked nose. So this is where my trusty green friend comes along. Remember when you were a kid and you used to slather a bunch of sunblock across your nose and your cheeks. That my friends is where it comes in handy for me. The green cancels out the red tones help bringing your face back to normality for any concealer or foundation you apply on top. Green also comes in handy for any spots that you have on those nasty times of the month that we ladies all dread!


For me this is the one if I'm in a real rush I will skip. But on days that I have a lil extra time, I add some purple in the shape of a 'V' on my forehead to brighten up areas that I feel needs a little extra love and illuminating.


So let me know in the comments do you colour correct in your everyday beauty routine? What are some of your colour correcting tips or fave products?


Disclaimer: I am not a professionally trained make up artist. This is my everyday way of applying this product that works for me, so please take it with a grain a salt. The product marked with (*) and have discussed in this post has been kindly sent to me for review purposes thoughts are still 100% truly my own. For more information check out my disclaimer.