Full Brow* Products Review



Originally created in Melbourne, Australia. FullBrow products are now designed in Europe. (How cool is that)!

"...Inspired by their search for a fun, high quality and easy-to-use brow line. Full Brow is a brow cosmetic line designed for the everyday; to get you from a-to-b with long lasting, quality coverage..."


Why I love them...

Let me start of my saying how beautifully packaged and taken care of the products. I always love when brands take extra care with the products that go. So that is a huge winner for me!

It's been a while since I've used a powder product for my brows. It was actually one of the first products I delved into to try and tame my brows. Overtime I felt that my brows responded really well to pencils and plus it's just a lot quicker for on the go purposes. But my love for powder products were again ignited with Full brow products along with those brightly coloured packaging! You should check out their Instagram page too! It's just too pretty and colourful! What also puts a smile on my face is a product that is not tested to animals so that's another tick in the winner box for me and  all my friends who are solely animals lovers.


what you really want to know..

I love the brow powder! I was a bit wary at first as they only have 4 colours I chose 'Natural Brown' Brow Powder* and I've been converted in this belief of universal products, well in FullBrow's case of course. As a busy uni student and part-time intern it will last you the whole working day and trust me when I say that because I am always running around everywhere. While, I'm not a huge fan of the Brow Wax* that I have to dip into as I usually prefer brow mascara's, the consistency is quite nice. Not too sticky and not so rock hard that it will take a forklift to dig the product out. I also have a love hate relationship with the brow brush. The Brow Brush* picks up a great amount of brow powder making it easy to apply but I do wish that the brush was a little bit thicker so that I could shape my brows more quickly.


The next product is one of my absolute faves and has been into my drawer of everyday use items! The Brow Highlighter* is a really pretty luminous champagne shade that gives a pretty highlight to your brow bone that isn't too glittery but also glides amazingly smooth on your skin. 


Let me know in the comments what you thought of my review? Have you tried FullBrow Products before? What's your fave product?

Disclaimer: Products marked with (*) have been kindly sent to me for review purposes thoughts are still 100% truly my own. For more information check out my disclaimer.