A Fine Frenzy Favourites // Monthly Music


I think I have a knack for loving musicians who are no longer musicians. (how Ironic)! I stumbled across A Fine Frenzy's music through a Daredevil fan Youtube video! (Yes - I am now a huge Daredevil fan, no shame at all! I cannot wait for season 3! P.S. Jeffrey - if you're reading this get on it!) 

A Fine Frenzy was an American independent pop rock group with lead singer Alison Sudol (fun-fact she actually plays Queenie Goldstein in Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them what a mind flip that is! I had to do a double take myself!)

I've recently fallen in love with music that puts a spring in my step. With just about 2 months left of uni left the stress is starting to crack down and music is my one escape. I'm still a sucker for delicate harmonies but sometimes to need something with a happy vibe and a great beat and I think A Fine Frenzy is a happy medium in between!

With the change of season and the warmer weather approaching what better time than now to embrace some pretty songs.


Let me know in the comments who you have been listening to over the past month. What do you think of A Fine Frenzy's music?