Amber Run Favourites // Monthly Music

If you're a fan of Bastille's first album then you'll fall in love with this playlist that I've compiled of one of my latest pop indie UK obsessions, Amber Run. 


This past month has been quite an insane busy period for me. With the first 2 weeks of November being the last two week of uni ever, the only way I could get through this month is with some calming music with strong vocals. As well as something that can help power you through long days and nights of essay writing. 

I actually heard about Amber Run through one of my fave musicians, and I've just realised that's how I tend to find other artists, through collaborations with other musicians or random live appearance online. (Kinda like blogging, I guess)

The first song I ever heard was 'I Found' and I was simply struck by how simplistic, yet beautifully resonant the vocals and echoing is prominently relied on. The way it is used really amplifies the impact of the track and cleverly takes advantage of subtle slides of notes during the quieter sections down to the multiple layering of vocals in the chorus.

'No answers' and 'Just My Soul Responding' are both great songs that manage to nail the impact of how important a strong vocal voice can have! Utilising long stretched out notes and beautiful musicality that is far for the standardised pop sound you are used to hearing on the radio. These songs are more upbeat than the first but manage to nail the hauntingly beautiful delicacies of the vocal and instrumentation while in contrast with the impactful rise in the choruses.


Let me know in the comments what songs what gets you through stressful times or what your latest music obsession has been.