Enbacci Skincare Basics Collection Review

Australian Skincare. Win! Cruelty Free. Win! Minimalist Packaging. Win!

Enbacci Skincare grew out of the simple yet frustrating dilemma we all face when it comes to finding the perfect product. The inability to find something that doesn’t irritate your sensitive skin. From that simple dilemma, stemmed the mother and daughter creation launching Enbacci in 2013.


5 years later, they have come up with the 3 step super power, The Enbacci Skincare Basics Collection which I had the opportunity to try out for myself. Giving you a little bit of background about my skin. I grew up with eczema so I naturally have quite dry and sensitive skin, so the target for these products are perfect for anyone who has a similar skin issues.


Step 1 Scrub

Don’t you hate it when brands discontinue products! Great products at that, for me, that was very much the case for The Body Shop’s Aloe Gentle Exfoliator. So when Enbacci’s Microdermabrasion Exfoliating Scrub* hit my review pile I was very eager to give it a go. It’s one of those rare times that the heavens open up and answer your prayers. After going a year with my beloved scrub and trialling so many different things that left me disappointed, I happen to stumble across an identical dupe. Success!

I wanted something that would get rid of the old dead skin lingering on the top. (Don’t say eww, we all have it!) As well as, find a product where the scrubby bits aren’t too big or rough and isn’t overly harsh on my dry and sensitive skin. This product ticks all those boxes, the scrubby bits are finely milled and doesn’t leave my skin feeling quite so dry. It’s not too rough, and doesn’t work like a chemical exfoliator where you can’t feel it doing it’s magic. You’re still able to feel the small exfoliators as you scrub.

This is definitely my fave product out of the whole range and has a nice clean fragrance. I use this scrub 2 - 3 times a week and I’m happy to report that it has become part of my regular skincare routine.


Step 2 Mask

When my skin has been having a yucky breakout week, a good mask is in order. Which is where we move to step 2, Enbacci’s Detoxifying Clay Mask. I put this on right after the scrub and leave it on for at least 10 minutes before washing it off, and like after any other exfoliator this mask leaves a slight tingly feeling on the skin for the first couple of minutes. But then it goes go away. (WIN!) I also really like that this doesn’t turn to stone and leave your face with the inability to move, (like most clay masks I’ve tried in the past.)

After the 10 minutes is up (and I’ve had my little boogie dance) I wash the mask off and it turns into a milky like texture before all traces of the product has been washed off. It also doesn’t leave my skin overly dry or tight and like the scrub it too has quite a pleasant fresh scent. This face mask is a great cleansing mask to wash away all the gunk from the previous week. It too has become a permanent part of my skincare routine and my face mask collection.


Step 3 Minimise

Moving onto step 3, Enbacci’s Pore Minimiser. This product, was quite disappointing, especially having quite great results from the first two steps. While my pores are quite prominent unfortunately, I didn’t notice a large difference in the products minimising powers. Though it does sit quite nicely under makeup as a pore minimising primer. However, I can’t quite get past the scent due to the tea tree oil. Now, this is an ingredient quite prominent in getting rid of pimples and is a keep ingredient in the serum that I actually use for those breakouts. So surprisingly, I’ve found this product to be great for pimples. But with that not being the products sole aim, unfortunately, this didn’t quite work for me.

Let me know in the comments, if you’ve tried any Enbacci products, what are your faves? Or if you haven’t what are some of your current skincare essentials.

Disclaimer: These products were kindly sent to me for review purposes. All thoughts are 100% my own. For more info check out my disclaimer.