Juva Skincare Review*

Going into the colder months means that I need to make sure that my skin is well taken care of. Especially for someone who has got such dry skin. So let's take a look at Juva Skincare. The brand who is helping keep my skin dry free this cold season. 


A bit of background...

I was initially intrigued by the brands aim to create a nature inspired and science driven product that is simple yet effective. (I mean what a great combination! WHOOP WHOOP!) Their products also make it a point to make sure that they are not tested on animals. (So you can give your furry little friend a fist bump for this WIN of a brand.) It's also packaged in glass making it easily recyclable and environmentally friendly. It also help preserve the ingredients of the products are in the best condition possible, making it great for your skin too!

I also adore the minimalist packaging that is a contrast to the 'brightening' colour of the range. It is certainly something different to add to my muted-toned skincare collection. (P.S This mango colour is also one of my faves - so it's a win for me there already!)

The Review...


So I'm going to start of with my fave. For me personally, this tiny bottle is the superhero of the trio. The Brightening Essence* despite it being so small and having a recommended 2 week life span per bottle. I can happily report lasts about 3-4 weeks. (WIN!) But that does depend on how much you use (for me, it's 3-4 drops). Depending on my skins needs I use more if my skin is feeling extra dry and less if it's feeling more oily from a muggy day. It has such a nice texture that isn't oily or sticky and for me it bares a real close resemblance to a dry oil. (Which I love the consistency of!)

If I have peaked your interest with this gem, Juva Skincare is having a great giveaway on their website. In order to celebrate their 3rd month of being in Australia!

Buy ONE of Juva Skincare products, and you get the Brightening Essence Travel set for FREE (For all you AU/NZ, this is an exclusive deal!)


Moving onto the Brightening Enhancer* which for me is probably my least fave of the range. For me sprays are a bit of a luxury product. So this enhancer is a refreshing boost that I like to add just before I put on my makeup. This is probably the product I would take a miss on if you're not a big facial mist fan but it is great for boost in the morning, (especially when I want my skin to be a bit more pepped up for the day.) It's also great for those annoying monthly skin days, and I do adore the frosted bottle packaging. 

While, the Brightening Lotion* is actually a product that I thought would be great for my night time routine. Unfortunately, it's not thick enough. However, it does work as a great day time moisturiser. It has gel formula that is moisturising and has a matte like finish. (But not completely matte that it dries me out.) It also comes in a pump making the product easy to dispense, and the fact that it is in a glass bottle gives it a great luxury feel. 

If you're like me and scent is a big factor in the products you choose then, it is worth keeping in mind that these products don't have the most floral of scents. But it is nothing too overpowering that I would completely miss giving this range a go. (It's actually quite similar to the scents of the Sunday Riley products - so if you adore those, you will adore this scent.) 

Now the big question...

In terms of a brightening range, does this product actually work?

At the time of trying this range out. I was quite dark and tan from the past summer. So YES, for me this did work! It illuminated my skin and did make it look and feel more brighter. If I were to recommend 1 product, I would highly suggest the Brightening Essence. It's not too light and heavy making it great for all skin types and for me, it made the most difference when it came to brightening my skin. 


Let me know in the comments what you thought of my Juva Skincare review and which one you are keen to try out.


Disclaimer: Products marked with (*) have been kindly sent to me for review purposes thoughts are still 100% truly my own. For more information check out my disclaimer.