Glades Favourites Playlist // Monthly Music


Having a lot more time on my hands, I've recently been loving more up beat, wake me up in the morning music and the Glades have been my recent go to for exactly that! So relax to this playlist I've created of my recent faves, while you read the break down of these amazing songs.

Glades are an alternative pop trio from Sydney (YAY! For some Aussie music love). The group consists of Karina Wykes, Cam Robertson, & Joey Wenceslao. Now if you know me I'm a sucker for distinct raw vocals and acoustic instruments. This is on the other side of the spectrum, where my music taste becomes more diverse. I'm often not a huge lover to electronic pop style music but the classification of this alternative music is so much more up my ally with it's subtly. 

1. Do Right - This song is my mantra at the moment! To me this is the song that will help you transition from high school drama to adult problems. The lyrics to me are all about deciding who you want to keep as friends, and who is worth your time.

2. Dangerous - This is one of the first songs that I ever heard from the group. I was instantly drawn in by Karina's breathy and emotive vocals, accompanied by the instrumental beat, that was very different from anything on my playlist. But yet, the song was consistently on repeat and I'm sure it will have the same effect on you.

3. Her (Loving You) - This song features such cool electric guitar riffs, that give me instant summer feels!

4. Skylines - The instrumentation in this song is very different, especially with the intro. It doesn't lose its strong catchy beat, like their other songs. But at the same time creates a calming airy, fairy type of feel. To me this would be a perfect roadtrip song with the windows rolled down, driving down an open road. 

5. Summer Air - A fitting song, seeing as we are coming to the end of summer and saying goodbye to the past and hello to a new season. 


Let me know who you have been listening to over the past month.