High Protein Low Carb Snacks To Nibble On

Lately, I've been looking for more healthy alternatives to snack on. Now like many, I'm big on snacking, so I've come up with a few options of what I've been loving, and I thought it would be a great idea to share with you guys that are looking for some healthier alternatives too.


• Pumpkin seeds

I'm a nibbler and if you are too, this should be high up on your nibble list. I love the process of cracking the shell and getting to crunch down on the inner seed. It's high in protein and you can get it in a variety of multiple flavours too but I simply love the salted flavour. If I'm not munching on popcorn, you'll find me munching on these! But if that is too time consuming for you.(You can also get these unshelled and they are more commonly known as pepitas)  


Bounce Cacao Mint Protein Balls 

Looking for something a little bit more sweeter. These bounce protein balls are very yummy and crunchy too. Despite it's small size, it's soooo filling as an afternoon pick me up. I also really like taking these with me on hikes as I often need something sweet to keep me going on the long trek back. I've often been recommended trail mixes but unfortuately they always tend to have nuts, so that doesn't work for me. So luckily this particular one is nut free (YAY!) They also come in a variety of savoury flavours so if choc mint is not your go to, definitely check out the rest of their range. (The majority of which, do have nuts, so if you're a nut fantatic you will love this!)


The Bar Counter in Mint Crunch or Chocolate Brownie

This was the first brand that I ever tried that further fuelled my search for high protein low carb bars. (Thanks to emfoodnmakeup for the introduction too!) Now this brand has a larger variety of bars from paleo, raw foods, no sugar bars and more. There minimalist packaging is easy to spot and they are all colour coded per specific range. But as you can tell the high protein range is my fave. I'm currently snacking on the chocolate brownie crunch bar as I am a fan of the chewier consistency. (Plus it's very yummy and a good substitute to chocolate bars) 

Let me know in comments what are your fave high protein low carb snacks are, or what are you more excited to try out.