Boy Band Music // Monthly Music

This month has been filled with a lot of throwback music, as well as boy band music. But it's not filled with your stereotypical One Direction type music. (Though come on, you have to admit, their stuff is quite catchy!) From upbeat and making you want to get up and dance, to gut wrenchingly sad with emotion, check out my latest monthly music! Who knows? You might even discover your next fave song!


1. Quesadilla - I mean how can you not want to get up and dance to that upbeat intro. To me, this song matches the rush you get about that person who are wholeheartedly... clearly... still into. (I mean, we've all been there!)

2. Andy - I mean I'm such a sucker for a great guitar riff and if you are too. This riff is sure to get stuck in your head. (Plus, I gotta give some love to some local Aussie boys) 

3. Unsteady - It is that point in the playlist where we get to the heart wrenching. I actually first heard this song in a pivotal point of the TV show Lucifer. (If you haven't seen it, it's definitely worth a watch. It will make you truly appreciate the power that music supervisor has on TV.) Plus - aren't the vocals just AMAZING!

4. Roses - I'm not usually for electronic music. But in a blue moon, I'll hear a song in a trailer on repeat that just so happens to struck a chord with me.(BTW... if you don't already know, that movie is 'Table 13' and I highly recommend checking out. It also features Anna Kendrick too in case you needed another reason to watch it!)

5. Lemon To A Knife Fight - By now you guys probably already know my weakness for British Indie Music and yes this is another to add to that list.

6. Thunder Clatter -  Here's another one of those catchy guitar riffs I was talking about. (I'm sorry I just can't help it)

7. The Sound - I rediscovered this song deep in my library over the past month so I came back to the 1975 and I found myself asking the question, why did I stop listening to their music again?

8. One Foot - I'm already such a huge Walk The Moon Fan (I've even seen them live - they are AMAZING and definitely worth seeing!) This one for their songs in their latest album that got me excited to re-listen to the album again. 

9. Surrender - Have you seen the movie Love, Simon? Make sure it's high on your list. This song is featured in the trailer of this incredible looking film and I can't wait to watch it!

10 Future Looks Good - I will always remains a OneRepublic fan and when I'm stuck on an existential crisis this is my go to song!

11. Kids - YAS! A song about taking advantage of your youth and embracing not knowing what is going to happen  in the days to come

Let me know in the comments who are your fave boy bands, or what are the bands you have been listening too lately.