Shining a Light on Women Online! // #InternationalWomensDay

More and more I've been seeing women online lifting each up rather than being in direct competition and I'm all for it. The gals you see in the pic below, (my friends) are proof of that! Plus, it didn't take much persuading for them to give me permission to post this pic (WIN!) I think it's a great pic that showcases how different and despite out insecurities we help lift each other up!

In light of INTERNATIONAL WOMENS DAY tomorrow. I thought I would do share some online loving and share with you some online female creators that I am currently loving!


• Jenn Im (Youtuber)- Jenn to me is an inspiration for shy women who have a bold fashion sense and made an empire out of it. She also recently opened up her own online shop with some cool quirky fashion pieces.

Jamie Chung (Blogger)- Jamie is an actress by day and fashion blogger by night. Like Jenn she too has a quirky fashion style but she also posts pics and vids about her travels like that of Macchu Picchu.

Lily Pebbles (Youtuber) - I'm just such a HUGE fan of Lily's for the longest time. It's from her that I tend to find out about some great unknown brands, and tomorrow she is releasing her first book, 'The F Word' all about female friendships and varying kinds (I can't wait to get my hands on it!)

Bookishbronte (Instagram)- I'm such a HUGE book nerd and I have an extreme appreciation for bookstagrammers. Have you seen this girls creative skills? I also love her BTS on her Insta stories where she shows us exactly how she creates the beautiful images we see on her Insta page. 

BeautybyVee (Blogger) - I've only met Veronica in passing once and then quite a lot online. (Like with many of my online friends.) If she isn't busy working as a makeup artist or filming her next makeup video, she's recording a podcast. Her podcast  'Beauty Bloggers Digest' is one of my fave project of hers and I recommend you give it a listen as she has one on one interviews with some great Aussie Bloggers. (I just wish she would hurry up and release some more!)

Millie Ryan (Blogger)- Some people needs filters and some people don't. Millie is certainly one of those people who I appreciate that doesn't have a filter. She's not afraid to say what she thinks and be judged for it. She's gone through wayyy too many scenarios in my opinion for that alone to stop her. Check out her posts 'Grief is a Process – It’s okay not to be okay' or 'How I Stopped Giving a Fuck and Fell Back in Love With Instagram'

Hazel Hayes (Youtuber)- More commonly known for her 'Tipsy Talk' segment where she interviews movie stars from upcoming films. She is also a director and movie lover who does some great movie breakdowns. It's soo refreshing to hear a women someone gush about their love of film from a directorial perspective. 

Kina Grannis (Youtuber)- Kinna is one of my fave online musicians who continues to pursue what she loves. She not only continuously recognises those who support her music. (Yes, she turned down those big music companies in the beginning of her career.) But she also started her own label dedicated to and for her fans who got her where she is today. 

Christina Grimmie (Youtuber)- A down to earth angel who was taken wayyy to young.  Her voice and her outlook on life still motivates me to this day, and when I need something to listen to Christina's powerful yet sombre voice is always something great to give me motivation on a gloomy day.

Apairofones (Blogger)- Michelle and Katherine are a  gorgeous pair of twins who are not only freelance writers but happen to also find some amazing cafes and beauty products. If you live in the Sydney area, hop onto their Insta account which is filled with pretty beauty pics (you may also happen to catch them unveiling your new go to cafe, WIN!)

Cass Wong (Instagram) - What a girl boss! When she isn't taken pretty fashion posts by the beach. Cass runs her own online beauty store  known for her false eyelashes. Though, she has recently brought out some gorgeous palettes and brushes (and who doesn't need more beauty bits to add to their collection?) Check out this lovely homegrown Aussie entrepreneur.

The Minted Blog - Now while the fact that our blogs rock very similar colours themes, (which may have initially drawn me to her corner of the internet.) I admire Kate and how she has managed to change her lifestyle to live a vegan, zero waste and cruelty free product life. Her blog is a great way for anyone who wants to make the transition and follow along her journey.


Honestly there are countless other women who I think are amazing, so don't feel bad if you didn't make the cut.       (Trust me I know how it feels, I regularly don't make the cut - cries!) But if you're reading this , know that to me you are appreciated and you are an inspiration to me! <3 So go and share the love and showcase some other great work that women are doing online.


Let me know in the comments, who are some amazing online female creators that you are loving at the moment.