Say Hello To A New 2018 Me - 2.0

Can you believe that the first quarter of the year has officially ended! For me it's a time to say goodbye to waking up late and just generally having a bad bed ridden start to the year. But going into the next quarter of the year, I start full-time work, eager to get back to a schedule and have the weight lifted off my shoulder, of finally earning a steady pay check without the worry of working odd jobs at random hours (and most often than not, for nothing.) Don't get me wrong I'm terrified out of my mind. But I can't push adulthood any longer, and I figured I can't be the only person thinking this (RIGHT?!? - where are all my existential crisists out there?)


I'm a big believer in having time for yourself. It used to be on a Sunday night around 8pm when the urge to paint my nails a new vibrant colour for the week helped clear my head for the oncoming week. But as I said (those odd jobs managed to find it's way into my allocated time over the past year.) I find what works for me rather than having a strict allocated time for me is to just wing it. (Well- not really) I tend to plan life my life week to week. I find cooking dinner once a week for my nit picky family, is a process that I like. I get to pick the recipe, buy the groceries, plug in my earphones and listen to music while I takeover the kitchen for the night. 

I've also recently made a book haul purchase, and I always hate leaving a book unread for too long. So whether it's an hour before bed (or lets face it, more than that, because I often lose track #booknerd) This allocated time, is my time.


Let me know in the comments how to you wind down and take take time out for yourself. Do you have a set time and routine or do you just wing it?