The Art of Trusting Your Gut

For the past couple of weeks I've been holding my breath and it's honestly not a nice feeling. So take it from someone to decided to bite the bullet and free myself from the daily anxiety of my first full time job. 


While the prospect of getting paid a full time wage, is pretty much always the appeal to any recent graduate. For me it's much more than that. I remember the feeling of getting my first pay check in this job and not being excited by the prospect of having it. I kept constantly asking myself, does this pay check justify the level of mental stress this job is causing me? Could I continuing this for the future to come? The answer was obviously no, which is why I am sitting here, again as an unemployed graduate student, on the hunt for my next career endeavour. 

For many, I know this move seems way too soon and irrational. But it me it was the right decision. For me, there aren't a whole lot of factors that are requiring me to rush into it a job. (Other than my own personal drive) I'm currently still living at home, don't have to provide for anyone but myself and I don't have a pressing mortgage or mountain of debt to payoff. (Uni debt is totally a different story!) 

Prior to making this decision, I spoke with a lot of different people who had very differing opinions. But one stood out to me the most, and it is a piece of advice I would like to share if you are facing similar dilemma's in the future.

A job should provide you with 3 things and if its doesn't consider your reason for why you are staying in that job. 

 The work - Is it creatively stimulating? Do you enjoy it? do you admire the company? Is it what was outlined in your job description?

 The people -  do your coworkers drive you to work better? ARE YOU COMFORTABLE WITH them?

 The money - is it worth the paycheck? does it provide you with enough to balance what you need on an everyday basis.

Realistically you want to have any 2 of the 3, and if you happen to hit the jackpot and land all 3. (Please share your secret with the world!)

I saw no fulfilment in either of these 3 motivations and when it came down to it (despite my parents protests) my gut was telling me that so there was no reason for me to stay. 

So let me know in the comments how you deal with making big decisions. Do you trust your gut often, or are you impulsive or do you console others?