How To Adult Book Club Guide


I think we all get to that stage in our lives when we just think. GOSH! I wish there was a handbook for this stuff. In fairness there is no manual for every point in our lives. (Oh man - how simple life would be!) There is no right or wrong. Just a compilation of stories that we can learn from others and hope that we don't make the same mistake. Lucky enough I've compiled 4 books that happen to do just that!


The F Word by Lily Pebbles

Don't let the title fool you. The F word stands for female friendships. It goes beyond that... Lifestyle blogger Lily Pebbles opens up about her experiences with having female friends from the early days of being destined to be friends through already established mum friendships, all the way to establishing how to make friends in your adult life. (Something I am trying to navigate myself.)

Recommend: If you're wanting something to relate to when it comes to making and maintaining female friendships.

The Solo Travel Book by Lonely Planet

Isn't it annoying when travel plans fall through with that buddy you were excited to travel the world with. (Sucks doesn't it, but we all have that person.) This book has helped give me perspective on not only how to be safe when travelling abroad but also all the advantages of travelling solo can give you. (I actually ran into this book on my suggested list of things while online clothes shopping after finding out I had been dumped - Isn't that just fate!)

Recommended: If you're scared to travel alone or have just been dumped by your former travel buddy and considering cancelling your trip.

Almost Adulting by Arden Rose

I mean if her one sentence dedication page can keep me laughing this is surely something you need to read too. Similar to Lily's book. It's written not as a clear cut how to guide. But more of a personal exploration of how Arden has learn to cope with the adulting world. If you follow her YouTube channel her book clearly radiates much of her same personality in written form. Plus all those cute little doodles throughout the book are great visual.

Recommended: If you're wanting to move out of your parent house but are scared of the prospective of living alone. This is for you!

All Grown Up by Jami Attenberg

Now to be honest with you, (because I always am). This is probably one of those book I would put on my maybe list. I actually read a lot of great views about it online. But honestly, it's kind of a bummer. (Or maybe I'm still in the early stages of adulting.) I found the way it was written a little bit hard to follow in the beginning. It is written as if it were a compilation of short stories but eventually it is something I quickly learned  to adapt to as I delved into it the book. There were somethings I could relate to but definitely not the majority. 

Recommended: If your sitting on your dinning table or in the bath tub with a glass of wine contemplating your life to those around you. 


Let me know in the comments some of your fave books, that helped you transition into adulting.