13 Reasons Why, Doesn't Glorify Death (Season 2)

With ‘13 Reasons Why’ starting quite a conversation from the controversial themes it covers. I decided to put this post to a vote on my Instagram. Asking you guys, whether I should write a review for this season or not. I was actually surprised that 25% voted that you didn’t want a review. Now while my perspective is strongly had from someone who is a fan of the book and it’s original intent. If you haven’t already, you should check out my Review on 13 Reasons Why Season 1 to get a better understanding of where I stand. 


But let’s focus on Season 2, (BTW… major spoilers ahead if that already was obvious! Plus it’s been out for a while guys, how have you not seen it!) So this season picks up with the Hannah Baker trial and the repercussions of all those involved on the tapes, as well as people affected by those tapes. Now while, everything from this season is off book (literally, because there was no follow up to the first novel) the intent of this second season is to further delver into the stories of the characters from Season 1. 


Highlights from this Season:

• The show opens with a great warning opening from the cast. I think this shows the producers have really taken on board feedback about what warning the audience prior to watching the series and then subsequently followed by a title card warning before every episode. (Although, I honestly think that if you decide to watch these types of shows, you have to know what you’re getting yourself into.)

•  The conversation between clay and one of the teachers about the issue of suicide. This scene is targeted for people I think, still don’t fully understand the reason for the creation of this series. I think it directly parallels what happened after the first season came out and all the backlash had by the organisation and the media. It’s also a great scene about how differently adults and kids handled the issue of suicide (by simply talking about it). 

•  Defining the meaning of consent. For example, even though Hannah said yes on previous occasions to people she has slept with before. When someone feels uncomfortable or says no. Take it as a sign to stop, from both parties whether your a male or female. But also making regular check ups like asking are you ok. Am I hurting you. Does this feel good or alright. This season really centered making sure that people keep that open line of communication, which is sooo important. (thumbs up from me!)

• The fight scene was hilarious. I’m sorry but have to insert the biggest laugh (BAHAHAHAHAHAA) This scene shows just how petty boys can be. Whoever says that boys don’t hold grudges and that girls are worse, needs to see this scene. It definitely proves, they are just as worse! The subtle touch of Courtney pulling the fire alarm was genius! Even when the male teachers fight it shows that no matter what age. Boys or men they will want to throw a punch. 

• Sheri’s redemption. Sheri is a character who really stepped up this season. When she decides to help Clay and the gang get a box filled with photos of other Bryce victims for Hannah’s case. She makes a good point about how girls don’t intentionally get themselves into bad situations. Boys make situations bad. (Now for the storyline of this show, the context it is sooo true. I mean in real life this can go both ways for girls OR boys.) But this is such a great little jab at the stereotypical thoughts had by young boys. Especially as Clay himself makes this quick assumption and doesn’t fully understand how a picture doesn’t necessarily describe what happens before and after. This scene gave me the chilling idea that Clay may not be the pure white night that he is portrayed to be. 

• Finally, the Prom scene. When Hannah and Clay’s song from when they first danced plays at the Prom. The camera pans and circles around not only Clay but his friends. It’s so beautifully shot and is so subtle and clever that it’s moment like these that showcases the power that music has. (I gotta admit it pulled on my heart strings).


Now time to bring on the jabs of criticism:

• Supporting Cast Execution. The addition of Cyrus’ characters as a support to the lonely Tyler was great but the whole execution of the Season 1 alumni’s like Skye and Zack I think really lacked. TBH, the relationship between Skye and Clay kind of made me roll my eyes. 

• Zack’s untold story. Characters such as Zack, I think surprised everyone this season (including myself) BUT Zack’s untold relationship with Hannah while cute didn’t really make sense timeline wise. I’ve also heard a lot of people say ‘I wish I knew that in Season 1’. (Well, the whole point, is that it didn’t happen in the book). I also don’t think it completely negates what Zack did, to land on Hannah’s tapes to begin with. While some people think what he did was small and petty I actually think it was quite a big deal.

• 13 episode execution. While the whole point of having 13 episodes was to parallel that of the novel, I don’t think it was necessary to have 13 episodes for season 2. I actually think it dragged on for quite a while. However, the final episode while it did have great moments, wasn’t laid out well for a final episode. There were too many conclusions and endings that just jump cut from one to the other, I don’t think it flowed well. It was just too jam packed. 

• The final verdict: Finally, the ending! I honestly wasn’t surprised by Bryce’s verdict. Think, Brock, Turner. (process that for a while, or google his name if you haven’t heard of it.) So while a lot of people may have been shocked or even outraged but the ending. Bryce’s verdict showcases a sad reality of what actually happens. The key word that the show uses is ‘first item offender’. Does that mean that this needs to happen again in order for someone to be prosecuted? 


Now I have left out a whole bunch of other scenes and issues, but for me, these were things I thought were most interesting to talk about as most people probably skimmed over them. As the bully scene was probably the most shocking and what a lot of viewers ended up talking about. 


Leave me a comment and let me know, your thoughts on '13 Reasons Why Season 2’. What are you thoughts on the issues the show covered this season and the conversations it started? Are you going to watch Season 3?