Billie Eilish Favourites // Monthly Music

Yes, I'm back from my hiatus and here to bring you some awesome music suggestions and letting you know what I've been listening to over the past month. A lot has happened that was making me feel quite uninspired to write, but I'm back with a new jolt of energy and direction that I intend for my blog to go. (But that is for another time - onto the review)

So the discovery of this artist, I'm afraid can't be given to my credit, but my littlest sister, who has retained quite the musical taste. (Guys am I no longer cool? - eeeeekkk)  


This gem has only be around for a couple of years, but at the ripe age of 16 Billie Eilish already has over 51 million streams on Spotify!

With vocal stylings similar to that of Lauren Aquilina and Gabrielle Aplin. She has a chilly delicacy yet powerfulness to her voice. Similar to that of the early musical beginnings of Lorde. Yet her voice consists of the airiness and breathiness found in musicians such as Broods or Glades.

With the release of her debut EP , 'dont smile at me' she is becoming to be an artist that knows exactly the type of music she wants to make. Which is why it was a shock to me that she has written all these songs not only by herself, but with her brother. (What a cool partnership!) 

If you haven't had a chance take a look at triple J live session, you will see how full powerful the subtleness in her voice is live.

So grab a cup of tea and snuggle into bed or even have a listen while you wind down and do your night time routine and enjoy the being serenaded (you'll thank me later!)

Let me know in the comments who you have been listening to over the past month.