5 Podcasts by Content Creators For Content Creators

While I am a lover of music, I listen to it almost all the time whether that be when I'm writing blog posts, having a relaxing bath and of course the most commonly known, in the car when driving around. It was during my solo 2+ hour long commute during my university days that I craved interaction with something, with someone. For there are only so many times that you can hear the latest hit song on the radio before you get sick of it. (It's 6, for those of you wondering. Guys they play the same song in the span of 2 hours 6 times! I mean how bizarre is that! I mean that's the music industry for you.) 


I needed something to laugh to, to cry to, to disagree to, to broaden my intellectual mind to and of course were not always surrounded my people to do so. Podcasts for me provided this stimulation. So here's 5 podcasts I'm loving by content creators for content creators.

1. At Home With... 

Two of my fave international lifestyle content creators Lily Pebbles and The Anna Edit ventured into the world of online listeners. Their podcast takes us on a tour through the inner workings of creators such as Lisa Eldrige, Kate La Vie and Liz Earle. Now I don't know about you but I love delving into people's homes seeing what's different and what their most loved pieces are, along with the stories behind them. Basically I'm keen to delve through all your things and finally I've found someone who understands that need too. So if you have a similar obsession like me, this is the podcast for you. Their also about to launch with Season 2, so now is the perfect time to catch up! 


2. Ear Biscuits

I think this was one of the very first podcasts I listened to that fuelled my craving for conversation. This podcast has probably evolved the most from all the ones that I have listed. It began way back in 2013 where Rhett and Link the host of YouTube show 'Good Mythical Morning' began interviewing popular content creators. Today it has evolved to incorporate a video aspect that matches their quirky best friend humor and listener involvement and personal updates.

3. Beauty Bloggers Digest

Hailing from Sydney herself this bossbabe has started the conversation by interviewing some amazing beauty babes who I also admire around Australia. She has recently brought back her podcast where we get to know more about her so make sure you give it a listen. We get to know more about the blogger, their love for beauty, juggling blogging and life and so much more. I mean who doesn't want to know all about the world of beauty and what goes on.

4. Dear Hank and john

Who knew that a comedy podcast focused on death and listener questions could cause much discourse. Who better to create podcast than OG YouTube creators the vlogbrothers. I always find the prospect of working wit family one that is quite difficult to manage. But these two have been doing it together and you can tell by the way they get excited by also disagree with each other about topics that makes their podcast that much more fun to listen to.

5. Ladies Who Lunch

It's another female creator podcast with two outspoken empowered women Ingrid Nilsen and Catrific. You can find them talking about talking such as 'When What You Think Will Make You Happy Doesn't', 'Forgiving Your Parents' and 'Seeking Social Acceptance' their open-mindedness and transparency is so refreshing and enlightening to listen to. If you're looking for a new perspective definitely give it a listen. 

I've been such a fan of podcasts for such a long time and I'm actually thinking of starting my own. Let me know in the comments what you like to listen out for in podcasts and share some of your fave podcasts too