A New Blog, A New Direction

Where have I been this year, well to be quite perfectly honest with you, this has been the worst year of my life...SO FAR (see I can still be optimistic! Though there are only about 4 months left to go of the year.) This year has certainly been a tough one. Mentally, physically, socially (have I covered all the bases?) It has been consistently inconsistent with one bad news after the other.

To put it in short, I’ve been unhappy. Unhappy with myself, the direction my life has taken and quite honestly the content I was making.


I mean I don't want to say that I sort of fell out of love with it all, but I did. I've been doing this now for close to 3 years and my content has changed from what I initially intended my blog to be and that's ok. I found new interests and passions that I wanted to talk about. It's like when you pick subjects at school in your final years. You finally have the choice and full autonomy over what you want, that you get completely overwhelmed. Sometimes you cave to what your parents want from you, or even tag along with your friends for fear of being left alone. While it's fine for a while, in the long run you know what's best for you. So I'm going to start there. My love for all things beauty will always be apart of me and I'm so grateful for everyone in the blogging community that helped me to discover that. To be clear I'm not going to stop posting about beauty all together. It just won't be my sole focus. (Besides I'm still on the hunt for my perfect nude lippie shade and I need to let you guys in on it once I find the one!)

I didn’t want to continue with the same content I was making for the sake of making content and to be honest that wasn’t very fair to you guys. My loyal followers, especially if you are still with me here (just double checking!) While I’m on this honest streak, I wasn’t sure I was going to come back. But I missed the urge to create and I need something to take my mind off everything that is not going to plan in my life. #postgradlife

Life after uni graduation is hard. Like, really hard. They don't really warn you about that enough, so take it from me. It is! The job market is hard and with no one there to guide you. The dreaded word that I despise the most 'connections' really comes in handy! So if you know anyone hiring, let me know!



I’m going to be bringing back 5 Minute Madnesses. I miss doing these and it makes me appreciate the month I've had and the things I've discovered. 

I'm also looking forward to bringing more entertainment focused content like music, tv shows, films, podcasts and even live shows to light. So look forward to seeing more about that! That isn’t to say I’m complete forgoing beauty (as I said earlier). In fact, I’ll have a new lippie series called ‘The nude lippie chronicles’ because I know a lot of you are like me and are on the hunt for the perfect nude lippie. So I’m excited to share my lippie findings.

I’ve also found a love for fashion. I’ve always been quite preppy, but lately I’ve been finding some cool statement pieces that I would love to share and showcase. You probably shouldn’t get too excited though, I’m not the type to rock heels because if you know me, I live in my converse shoes. (So if that's what you're looking for, you’ve come to the right place!) So this is just a small touch of the things to come and so much more.

Change... It's a good thing. I mean if I lose some followers so be it! Wait no, I take that back, please stay! (Insert awkward laugh of desperation.)


So please leave a comment and let me know your fave segment that you would like me to continue. Or even just say hello and let me know what you’ve been up to over the weekend. I feel like I haven’t heard from you guys in such a long time and I'm excited to get back into the swing of things.