Bastille @ Big Top, Luna Park Sydney 2019

First concert of 2019!

I’ve been to a lot of concerts. I guess you could call me a concert fanatic. But I felt like such a newbie over the weekend as I got my ticket scanned through the concert hall and got my 18+ wristband. HELL YEAH! With a drink in hand and the first hour of open doors half the merch sold out! (I was very disappointed… clearly.) Every single shirt I wanted was gone. (cries)

I was reminded of the first come first serve attitude. In 2018 I saw many large stadium shows, for the first time ever I might add! From Ed Sheeran and Taylor Swift I was lucky enough to get my hands on some seated tickets.

Screen Shot 2019-01-20 at 12.56.12 pm.png

But in the end I will always enjoy a great moshpit! Being right in the middle of the crowd amongst the sweaty dance floor is what it’s all about! I mean could you call yourself a music fanatic if you have never experienced this type of sensation!

The level of energy and high spirit in a moshpit with a band like Bastille is ultimately the reason why I love live music. Even the protests of Dan (lead singer) constantly denying his groovy dance skills throughout the show, is a sign of the bands humble and awkward nature. (Guys, you haven’t changed since the first time I saw you 4 years ago.) You can jump and dance to your hearts content along with so many other hardcore Bastille fans and the band know how to have a great time on stage too! Plus, you get the opportunity for the lead singer to walk right in front of you might I add. (Yes, this did happen and I completely froze with an unoperational phone in hand - ARGH why won’t you ever work when I really need you most!)

Apart from Dan singing to me right in front of my eyes. It’s bands like Bastille who I appreciate, that choose to go against the odds and break the 4th wall. From singing on stage, to involving the crowd to drop down low and then jump in sequence when the beat drops, to a surprise pop up in the back of the venue in the heart of the seated crowd. Bastille know how to give every fan in the room the opportunity for the best seat in the house! Even announcing some Aussie rooted influences in their upcoming 2019 to be released junior album. Which I am extremely excited for! Never change boys, never change!


Let me know in the comments your favourite Bastille song. Do you prefer mosh pit or seated tickets, or is there a concert you’ve got lined up this year that you’re super excited for!